Where do you find The Best Long Term Care Facilities?

Assisted Living Facility Advisor

Assisted Living Facility Advisor is here to help you find the best Long Term Care Facilities to help you or a loved one. When you need help finding a place for a loved we are here to help! These facilities will help you or a loved one with activities of daily living (ADL’S).

Assisted Living Facility Advisor

What Do We do here at Assisted Living Facility Advisor?

Assisted Living Facility Advisor is a Long Term Care Facility listing site dedicated to helping people find a facility that is reasonably priced. We know prices on everything have gone sky-high. So we strive to list the best in the USA.

How much does Assisted Living Facility Advisor charge?

We have designed the site for people to be free to use to find the best locations throughout the USA. When it comes to finding assisted living we have also connected with Long Term Care insurance providers. The Key to this is to buy sooner than later. Like all other insurances that are for your care increase with age. That is because you have paid in for in the policy for a short period of time.

how long will it take the Long Term Care Providers on Assisted Living Facility Advisor to come to my home?

Once you have found the right facility that you feel will, fits your needs. Contact them directly through their contact Live Chat feature, their information listed, or their contact form.

Assisted living Facility Advisor
Assisted living Facility Advisor

Can I get a movied into one of the locations list on from Assisted Living Facility Advisor the same day I send my request?

This all depends on a few things like:

  1. The type of home care you need.
  2. Where you live and if they have a room.
  3. When you contact them.
  4. Do you need approval from your Case Worker or your Insurance company?

Contact one today and see if they can help you.

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Yes, each long term care facility is licensed. Along with that, they must meet the standards set by each state and the federal government.

Yes during our onboarding we check into their history via abuse reports from each state.

The average cost for a Skilled provider runs anywhere between $3,500.00 to $6,500.00 or higher depending on the care need long with your location.

We location paged for over 200 cities listing the best care facilities in the USA!

Do you need a place in a hurry you just found the right place! Assisted Living Facility Advisor can help

We can help! All need to do is find your city and you be able to contact one today. You can book a date and time you would like to come by and visually inspect the place. We know this is something to take very seriously as you put your loved ones in a place they will need to receive great care.  Assisted Living Facility Advisor is here to help find the most affordable Long Term Care Facilities in the USA! Contact one today to find out how they can help you and your loved one.